No designer can be effective in today’s environment without having the right tools. WED has continuously invested in various test equipment and software in order to offer a wide range of services.

Design Equipment.

Powerful dual screen PC’s (i7 based) with comprehensive professional design software (Cadence Orcad, Protel and others) are available in house to produce professional schematics, PCB design and Pspice design emulations which allow us to complete our designs ready for prototype runs or production. All schematics are produced to the relevant drawing standards and are fully linked to the PCB designs.

On Our Test Bench

No design can be fully verified without suitable testing. WED have comprehensive test facilities with a 2 channel analogue oscilloscope (250 MHz BW) and four channel digital oscilloscope (500MHz BW), both by Tektronix. Frequency Counters (to 1 GHz) and Spectrum Analysers from 100 Hz to 2.2 GHz reside on our test bench along with various power supplies, mains isolators and variac’s to test AC mains or DC powered equipment up to 1 kW. A workbench PC also runs various test software for analysis and recording of results. A high resolution digital camera is used for any test equipment that does not directly support a PC interface. This enables all test results to be integrated into reports. We also have various in-house produced test equipment for various other specific testing and often produce custom test set ups for specialised testing. Naturally all our workbench and rework stations are fully protected against static discharge.

Of course it is impossible to carry test equipment for all scenarios and whenever specialised equipment is needed it is hired from specialist suppliers as required.

Our Assembly and Rework Station

Modern assembly techniques demand something more than just a soldering iron and a solder sucker for assembly and rework. WED has a comprehensive range of equipment to enable prototype SMD or conventional assembly and also rework of the same.

We use Metcal heat controlled soldering stations with various attachments, OKI temperature controlled PCB pre heater and a Weller temperature and airflow controlled hot air reflow station. We also have Weller temperature controlled miniature soldering irons for very fine work.

In Our Workshop

Occasionally, for some designs, it is desireable to produce custom housings or cases for prototype testing. We have a Myford Super 7 lathe, small vertical mill and stand drill together with some sheet forming equipment. This enables us to produce prototype housings for testing such products as microwave amplifiers and oscillators where the housing is an integral part of the design.

We also have light boxes, etching tanks, high speed drills etc. to enable in-house production of simple prototype PCB’s.